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Kin 143 Cosmic Blue Night

Franco-Italy-Russian born on 7/12/62 in Sao Paulo, Brazil,
to an art-loving family.


I have a degree in Media from FIAM (São Paulo) and a postgraduate degree in Choreography from the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.
Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, I produced several documentaries for Brazilian TV and cinema.

Partner of the film producer "X Filmes" from Salvador Bahia, together with Lazaro Faria and Ricardo Mazzafera, I produced documentaries awarded by the Ministry of Brazilian Culture: Orixas da Bahia and Cidade das Mulheres about the religion Candomble'.
In search of herself specialises with a three-year course in reading Crowley and Osho's meditation with maestro Vivarta for a diploma in magic. I also studied the Oracle of the Goddess of Amy Sophia Marashinsky and disciplines such as Bio dance, and  Bioenergetic, Flamenco and the Middle Eastern dancers.
With my spiritual teacher Anna di Lucia and the Terra Mirim Foundation discovered shamanism, life in the community, the ritual of the full moon, and the sacred feminine with shaman Andiara Lion, my journey will take to Italy.


Thanks to Batiste Marceau is a yoga teacher with experience with the Ayahuasca and União do Vegetal, at the same time together with Dr.Gervasio Araujo, psychiatrist and psychologist of Transactional Analysis, I worked in the Novo Ser institute as a movement teacher and in the Fundaçao Jacque Schiff. Together with Dr. Graça Araujo, psychotherapist develops the movements of the workshop ", based on the book by Jean S. Bolen" The Goddesses inside the Woman ", a new female psychology. In Italy, with the shaman Anna di Lucia undertakes The journey of the Sibyls: The reawakening of female power in Pitigliano (GR) Tuscany, which lead I to undertake an Archaeological journey to Egypt with Alessandra Pidutti of the Egyptian Museum of Turin.

Since 2001 I lived in Italy where I worked as a dancer and teacher of middle eastern dance, I had carried out various workshops around Italy to help women use and accept their femininity, including: "Belly dance and the four elements ". I had made several shows in Rome, some are: Goddess Night Anuma Center year 2006. The Goddesses and the Women, the awakening of the female Theater Libero year 2007, Afrika's Oriental dance returns to the origins Theater San Luca year 2008, Afrika's Aqueduct Park year 2009 Travel and Travelers  Vigna Murata Theater year 2013 and many performances. I made two educational DVDs: Dance of the Elements: Introduction to Belly Dance, Basic Belly Dance Course.I created Bellysamba a mix of belly dance and samba which won dance festivals in Florence and Riccione with an article in the magazine SiIhouette Donna on May 2010. After a trip to Brazil together with Lucilla Stefoni, "Oltre la danza" was born, a newly developed espiritual psycho-physical discipline, a dance lesson with live tribal music from CairoMaxum, granted at 432 Hz as the ancient tradition, to open new perceptive doors, fostering focus and a state of wellbeing achieved at the art Gallery :GalleriaOtto with the intuition of fusing art with spirituality and science.

Sacred feminine dance and arts



Sacred dance is the act of prayer through music, movement and dance. It is a performance art and our tool with which we are able to connect with the energy of the Cosmos (God) and the key to recognising its own energy. All this with joy and good humour!

Each lesson begins with a warm-up, stretching, and technique to begin to know your own body as the soul temple, using the Fibonacci sequence to master your physical part, knowing the ability of each body part to move separately, and then one small choreography that unites the whole, to assimilate the technique learned.

In these dance classes, the student is invited to look at the Earth for her guidance. It observes the elemental energies of earth, water, fire and air, and uses these energy observations in a circle, first within and then connects with one another.

Let us study the traditions of ancient religions, such as those of Greece and Rome; Ancient Persia; Ancient Egypt; the Jewish tradition and the Orixás of Brazil. Classes are grouped into 8-week sessions devoted to a comprehensive subject, a virtue or something similar to that which is explored in each class.

There will be a space within the classes usually at the beginning, for the warming of the body where we dance freely to get used to experiencing material that can not be accessed through the vehicle of the intellect. If we let the mind rest for a while and let the body of wisdom guide us, something deep can happen. What happens is a type of healing that has to do with connecting the heart with the head and the body with the soul.

Dance is something that humans have been doing since the beginning of time! Honest expression in the form of dance is deeply rooted in the nature of who we are. Creative movement can be a transformative experience that can lead to increased emotion, and those feelings are the door to a deeper understanding. Our task is to help ourselves and each other to hear and to be, without the obstructions of a judgement mind. From here, a consciousness opens up and the territory of transformation is realised.

These classes are open to all women who are inspired by those words. There is no need for any previous dance experience only desire to know yourself as the philosopher Socrates said.


"Know yourself and you will know the world"

Cosmic Holographic Meditation




Holographic is a fraction of the whole, in this case of the Cosmos.
You already wondered, what’s the time?
Do you feel anxious that you do not have time to do everything you want?
Do you feel the sense of time going faster than when you were a child?
I’m a part of the global alliance of volunteer, autonomous people who work for peace, culture and nature, with no religious affiliation on political tendency and with the basic structure of the law of time.
The Planetary Art Network (RAP )is structured as a World Peace Movement in a worldwide network of bioregional groups that integrate every variety of arts, sciences (physicists, mathematicians, doctors, anthropologists…), spiritualists, therapists, among many other specialities.
If you’re interested this is the official website to understand more about this subject.


Why Urban Shaman?


Shamanism, according to Tiziana Ciavardini is the oldest method of using a more altered state of consciousness to achieve healing and find solutions to problems. We can define it as a direct way of access between man and the sacred. The cult of shamanism still survives today in parts of America, Africa, Northern Europe, Siberia, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The shaman is the central figure of the cult. The origin of the word comes from the tsunsugo of Manchu origin and means "one who knows".
The Urban shaman is that woman or man figure who made the choice to help people heal through art and living in the city.
There are different ways to open new doors of perception and personal fulfilment. Urban shaman can be a guide to finding these doors.

All shamanic work, actually all spiritually, energetically work is explained through quantum physics works because of the intention of the practitioner.
 Most people have experienced the shamanic truth that what is sown is harvested.
 What the energy puts into something determines what you get back.
 Conscious intent is the purposeful and guiding processing of what energy, dreams, desires, hopes, etc. are built into something whether a project, relationship, talisman, wedding ring, everything is energy.

From the earliest times of his appearance on this earth, man dances, plays and sings.

The shamanic work,

Cosmic Holographic Meditation with the sacred feminine dance and the 4 elements

is a proposal of self-knowledge.
The work I propose is to free all feminine energies through the dance movement and the rediscovery of the body itself, to make use of the energy in the dance of the four elements present in nature and within us.
The air: get in touch with our ideas, our goals, our clarity.
Water: getting in touch with our fluency, our emotions, our sensitivity and our sweetness
Fire: getting in touch with vital energy, our enthusiasm and our actions in life
The earth: getting in touch with the needs of our body and with our pragmatism.
All this to help our feminine energy to emerge from isolation,

to return to the origins of our personal power through the rediscovery of the magical female universe,

in order to be more aware of who we are and what we want.




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